Lightning Blockchain Enterprise is the new application development platform from Sun & Son designed for building secure, enterprise-ready Blockchain solutions.  Lightning brings together powerful and mature technologies from Sun & Son, IBM and key technology partners to deliver a unique and comprehensive development environment. 

In recent years, the rapid adoption of BitCoin as an alternative currency has highlighted the highly secure and transparent Blockchain technology upon which BitCoin is built.  Whereas the business community sees BitCoin as not yet ready for the enterprise, it is heartily embracing the underlying Blockchain technology.  Organizations which value security, privacy, transparency and preservation of asset value see the Blockchain as a critical component of their application portfolios as they move into these uncertain times. 

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The problem, unto now, has been that Blockchain solutions have been incredibly difficult to build.  They require highly secure content stores for managing large quantities of semi-structured data.  They require a flexible and configurable distributed wallet infrastructure for holding and managing currencies and other assets.  They require a modern and easy-to-use rapid application development environment for building these applications and integrating them with other business systems. Finally, they require a developer community already familiar with all of these technologies.

Lightning Blockchain Enterprise brings all of these technologies together into a single fully integrated environment.  Plus it brings online a worldwide force of experienced business application developers who are already comfortable and skilled working with these underlying technologies.  Organizations will not have to compete for scarce BitCoin developers to build their Blockchain solutions.  Lightning promises to revolutionize how Blockchain solutions are built for the Enterprise. 

Blockchain technology has been generating a tremendous amount of excitement recently among technology visionaries, forward-thinking business people and many others who care about preserving the value of their assets into the future.

Sun & Son has been developing innovative products for as long as I’ve known them. Lightning Blockchain Enterprise brings all of this innovation together into a cutting edge package. Lightning promises to set a new standard for how corporations manage their assets in the future.
— Prof. Ludwig Nastansky, Universität Paderborn, Germany
...the technology underlying bitcoin has the potential to be a much greater disruptive force than the cryptocurrency itself. Proponents say [the blockchain] is the most secure record-keeping technology ever devised.
— Everett Rosenfeld, CNBC
Sun & Son’s Lightning Blockchain Enterprise enables a whole new class of Blockchain-based applications for the Enterprise. IBM XPages and Team Studio Unplugged become the natural development tools for rapidly building secure mobile-enabled applications for this platform.
— Patrick Söhlke, CEO, Next Vision


The Lightning hierarchical deterministic wallet allows secure distributed management of alt-currencies throughout an organization.  Each user is assigned the appropriate level of access and control.  Manageability and auditablity are integral to the design.

The Lightning enhanced data store is secure, scalable and extensible.  Since the blockchain structure is controlled by the organization, it can be extended with data objects of virtually any type to represent real-world assets.

The Lightning application API allows rapid development of blockchain based applications using popular web application development tools.  Secure mobile device interfaces are supported by the toolkit, so business users can use their Lightning applications any time and from any place.


The Lightning content store combines the security and flexibility of IBM Domino with the stability and scalability of IBM DB2 - all within a single integrated package.  Lightning integrates the flexibility of NoSQL with the performance of a relational database.

The Lightning blockchain API extends IBM XPages, a powerful rapid application development platform for building business solutions which access both NoSQL and relational data.  Team Studio Unplugged extends the XPages environment to allow secure always-on, always-available access to Lightning applications from mobile devices.

The Lightning wallet supports  HD-BIP32 hierarchical wallet as well as BitCoin 2.0 standards.  The wallet supports virtually unlimited master / sub wallet relationships as well as multi-signature wallets.  Currency can easily be transferred between wallets.  The contents of all wallets are owned by the Master wallet for secure asset management.


Lightning Blockchain Enterprise will be publicly available soon.