Data Modeler for Notes - Overview

The Data Modeler provides a full set of metadata management services for Notes applications.  These models can be used by Business Intelligence or other enterprise applications to efficiently access, report on, and analyze Notes data.  The Data Modeler uses an easy-to-use wizard interface to guide through the process of creating a fully functional metadata model.  The Data Modeler reduces the complexity of Notes application structures to meaningful metadata definitions that can be understood and used by business users without requiring technical understanding of the underlying applications.   

The Data Modeler automatically creates all of the resources .  required to facilitate data integration and optimize data access.  Data Modeler model definition files can be imported directly into leading BI tools, eliminating time consuming and specialized metadata modeling efforts.  The Data Modeler output is automatically optimized for query performance and data integrity. 

The Data Modeler supports multiple access strategies for Notes data: Direct Access and Staging to a relational database.  Whichever strategy is selected, the Data Modeler automatically optimizes query performance and resolves the details of data access.  Metadata models represent Notes data as tabular data structures and eliminate many common reporting headaches caused by nonstandard Notes data structures.

The Data Modeler supports dynamically linking Lotus Notes and Business Intelligence applications to enable integrated solutions which deliver the combined strengths of both platforms.  By creating live metadata links in the metadata mode, BI reports and enterprise applications can drill down in real-time to access live context-rich Notes documents.

The Data Modeler DataBridge and DomSQL JDBC driver allow Notes-specific multi-value fields to be mapped to true relational database structures.  This mapping facilitates complex reporting and analysis and eases integration of Notes data with data warehouses.  Non-standard Notes data structures need no longer be an obstacle to integrating Lotus Notes applications enterprise information architectures.  

What our Users are Saying

The Data Modeler is an essential toolset for any organization that wants to integrate its Notes data with analytics or other enterprise data.
— Larry, Yarter, Information Architect, IBM CIO Office
Sun and Son’s Data Modeler became an integral part of the end-to-end architecture of SWAN and provides a cost-effective, flexible, easy-to-use solution for the stakeholders. The Data Modeler provides a seventeen times cost savings compared to other approaches tried for this project.
— Erich Walls, Senior IT Architect, IBM

New with version 3.0

Data Modeler for Notes 3.0 is new in 2015 and is packed with exciting new features. 

We refer to Data Modeler 3.0 the JDBC release, since it seamlessly integrates the Sun & Son DomSQL JDBC driver into the entire Data Modeler architecture.  The DomSQL JDBC driver offers high performance direct access to Notes data without the platform and performance limitations of ODBC.

The Sun & Son DomSQL JDBC driver is certified by Cognos and is the only version of the open source DomSQL project that will work with Cognos. 

The Data Modeler Metadata Library is new with this release.  The Metadata Library automatically stores and summarizes metadata definitions of all data accessed or created by the Data Modeler,  The Metadata Library allows administrators and data architects to better understand how Notes data flows through the enterprise.

Data Modeler 3.0 also includes multiple enhancements to DataBridge operation and management.  These include the ability to schedule daily data transfers at multiple times during the day, automatic email notifications and enhanced diagnostic logging for data transfer troubleshooting.

There are numerous other performance and stability enhancements throughout the entire Data Modeler suite.

Capabilities & Requirements

The Data Modeler is a Notes application and runs in a Notes client.  The Data Modeler application files are installed on a Domino server.  The Data Modeler should be backwards compatible with most all versions of Notes and Domino, though we recommend versions 8.5 or later.  There is no Domino server platform restriction for running the Data Modeler.

The Data Modeler creates metadata Model Definition Files in Cognos Framework Manager format or the open OMG XMI format.

The Sun & Son DomSQL JDBC service runs as a DOTS (Domino OSGI Tasklet Service) process on the Domino server.  The DomSQL service is currently limited to Domino servers running on the Windows platform (32 bit or 64 bit).  Support for additional Domino platforms is planned.

The DomSQL JDBC client driver is pure Java code and does not have any platform limitations.  The Sun & Son DomSQL JDBC driver is supported in Cognos BI Server version 10.2.1 fix pack 3 and later.  Older versions of Cognos support ODBC for direct access or data staged to a relational database. 

The Data Modeler uses the IBM NotesSQL driver for ODBC access.  NotesSQL is only available for Windows, so clients (e.g. Cognos server) which use ODBC to access Notes data must be running on the Windows platform.

The Data Modeler DataBridge supports staging Notes data to IBM DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase relational databases.

Getting Started

The Data Modeler for Notes is available for 30 day free trial.  To request an evaluation copy, please send us an email from the Contact Us page.

The Data Modeler is licensed on an annual subscription basis.  Subscription prices are based on the size of your organization.  There is no limit to the number of models you can create or the number of servers you can access.

You can purchase a Data Modeler license directly from Sun & Son or from IBM or one of our other resellers worldwide.  To receive a price quote or to schedule an introductory demo, please send us an email from the Contact Us page.