Sun & Son - Leading with Vision and Innovation

Since our founding in 1992, Sun & Son has been building innovative software solutions.  We have sought to hold the vision that information technology should always support and uplift the human experience.  Over the years, our work has crystallized into these core competencies:

Collaborative Solutions   People working with people, supporting one another and sharing knowledge, experiences and skills to their mutual benefit.  This has been the heart of everything we have done for over twenty years.  Sun & Son was an early adopter of the Lotus Notes platform and has been a notable player in the Notes/Domino community ever since.

NoSQL Architectures  Also known as semi-structured data.  Sun & Son has been working in this arena for over 20 years - long before it was fashionably called NoSQL.  Semi-structured data is a very different beast than relational or unstructured data.  It requires different architectures, technologies and solutions.  We helped define these standards. 

Data Integration  We introduced industry standard metadata management approaches to IBM semi-structured and NoSQL platforms and created an innovative and unique toolkit to support this integration.  Our approach has been, at its core, cross product and cross brand, resulting in unique perspectives and solutions.

Performance & Scalability  Our long work with IBM semi-structured data has underscored inherent limitations in performance and scalability.  Our work with database integration and large systems has opened the way for new solutions which break these barriers.  Our VirtualNSF architecture extends secure IBM Domino solutions to the Enterprise and to the Cloud.

Blockchain and Crypto-Currencies  We have been involved with these recent technologies since their early days.  Blockchain technology promises to revolutionize how enterprises manage their critical assets securely and transparently.

Lightning Blockchain Enterprise  Our newest initiative pulls together our skills and successes of the past twenty years into a cutting edge offering that promises redefine how organizations build their asset management solutions in the future.

Key Players

Ravi Har Singh Khalsa  Founder and chief architect.  Ravi Har is a graduate of MIT and the creator of the Data Modeler for Notes.  He has worked extensively with IBM and other partners over the years to develop new solutions and technologies.

Adrian Reason  Business development manager.  Adrian brings together diverse backgrounds in marketing, business analytics and IBM large systems and is a tireless evangelist of Sun & Son cross brand solutions.

Harold Bailey, Jr.  Consultant.  A former IBM VP, Harold promotes Sun & Son solutions worldwide.

Technology Partners

Paderborn University
Prof. Ludwig Nastansky